Dry Stone Walls

Dry stone walls are found in Britain, and elsewhere, where large quantities of rock and stone are found above the soil and especially where trees and hedges do not grow easily because of the climate, elevation, strong winds or thin soils.

By permission of the Falklands Memorial Trust


We specialize in the building and repairing of all styles of dry stone walls. We can also assist in the fixing and maintaining of fences, paving and steps. Whilst most work is functional and structural, we are also happy to build sculptural and architectural features in dry stone .


However small or large the project, it is vital to uphold the ancient craft in which we work, which is why all of our employees have completed or are in the process of gaining a wide range of qualifications. Our staff range from initial to Master craftsmen all of which are through the DSWA. (Dry Stone Walling Association).

Advantages of dry stone walls

As interest in environmental issues increases,dry stone walls are a sustainable product made from natural materials. Although initially appearing more expensive than fencing, a dry stone wall can stand for 100 years or longer and at the same time offer shelter and habitat for a wide variety of animals, birds, insects and plants.

We specialise in unique traditional and contemporary, bespoke dry stone walling, as well as repairing field, semi dressed and fully dressed dry stone walls.



The main aims of the Association are to promote a greater understanding and knowledge about the traditional craft of dry stone walling and to encourage the repair and maintenance of dry stone walls throughout the country. The DSWA operates a nationally accredited craftsman certification scheme, which offers four levels of certification.